• Zoo lions to move to new home, with access for neighbours

    27 Oct 2009 by a a
    Construction work started last week on a new enclosure for the lions at Antwerp Zoo. The new home, to be completed in 2011, will include an artificial canyon landscape, a watercourse (to separate lions from the public) and furry little creatures running around hoping not to be eaten.Full story
  • News in brief

    27 Oct 2009 by a a
    If you want to sell records to gays and lesbians, make sure your song has a good dose of kitsch and camp, according to research carried out by communications masters’ student Katrien Vangaelen at the Catholic University of Leuven. Gays like not only work by fellow gays such as Paul De Leeuw and Yasmine, Vangaelen found, but also work with a certain “Eurovision aspect,” as well as songs which address their own experiences.Full story
  • More people are becoming homeless for non-payment of rent

    Rent and power costs bring headaches to poor

    27 Oct 2009 by a a
    An increasing number of Flemish families are having trouble paying essential bills like rent and electricity, according to figures produced for the first time by the Flemish Union of Cities and Municipalities (VVSG). At the end of 2008, 65,855 households applied for aid from the local social help agencies (OCMW) after being unable to pay their power bills. By the end of September this year, the figure had risen to 74,737 and was expected to exceed 80,000 by the end of 2009.Full story
  • K3

    21 Oct 2009 by Alan Hope
    Ten years ago, the three Ks met for the first time: Karen, Kristel and Kathleen were brought together to form K3 (say “ka-dree”), Flanders’ answer to the Spice Girls. Ever since, K3 has ruled the world of kleuterpop – toddler pop – in Flanders and the Netherlands with titles such as “Oma’s aan de top” – “Granny’s at the Top” – and “Jongens zijn gek” – “Boys are crazy”.Full story
  • Face of Flanders — Andy Garcia

    21 Oct 2009 by Alan Hope
    Andy Garcia looks so like a movie star, you almost think he’s putting you on. With round sunglasses, a beret, velvet jacket and smoking a cigar (Cuban), he seems as if he should be lounging poolside in Hollywood rather than sitting on the chilly banks of a canal in downtown Ghent.Full story
  • Graindelavoix

    21 Oct 2009 by Alan Hope
    They had it coming: after winning a spate of awards for previous recordings, Flemish early music ensemble Graindelavoix has been elected Young Ensemble of the Year by the Belgian Musical Press Union. The singers’ collective, founded in 1999 by Flemish ethnomusicologist Björn Schmelzer, will receive the prize on 28 October after a concert that will unveil their latest repertoire: a series of yet unrecorded songs from the 16th century, devoted to Mary Magdalene.Full story
  • From beginners to experts, Bleau in Ghent is an indoor climber’s paradise

    Climbing the walls

    21 Oct 2009 by Flanders Today
    Flanders is ideal for rock climbing. Given the region’s notoriously rainy weather and famous flat tracts of land that cyclists dream about, this might sound counterintuitive. But you don’t need mountain cliffs to take part in this demanding, intriguing sport; it can be done indoors, dry and warm, at a gym.Full story
  • Balta aims to consolidate carpet market

    21 Oct 2009 by Alan Hope
    Balta, the Zellik-based carpet manufacturer, plans to restructure and consolidate the whole carpet sector, the company announced last week. The largest carpet manufacturer in Western Europe, it plans “midlarge” takeovers (companies with a turnover greater than €50 million) that also offer expansion opportunities.Full story
  • New role for CBFA in financial advertising

    21 Oct 2009 by Alan Hope
    The government last week announced plans for improved regulation of the financial services industry, with a proposal aimed at increasing consumer protection. The Commission for the Banking, Finance and Insurance Industries (CBFA) will be given new powers, a CBFA spokesman said.Full story
  • Vlerick MBA course in world Top 10

    21 Oct 2009 by Alan Hope
    Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School has squeezed into the top 10 of MBA schools worldwide, in the list compiled by The Economist magazine. Vlerick last year stood in 14th place and now moves up to number 10.Full story