• Oil tanker

    Port of Antwerp has “enough storage space”

    12 May 2009 by
    The Port of Antwerp is not facing a shortage of warehouse space, unlike the majority of major ports worldwide, a spokesman for Antwerp dockers union ABAS said last week. The main goods traded through Antwerp – coffee, cocoa, tobacco, fruit, electronics, toys and other consumer goods – are still moving through the port and out to the market as quickly as last year. However, there has been a slow down in the movement of parts and components, such as parts for the motor industry. Full story
  • Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne

    Fiat has “no intention” of closing Opel

    12 May 2009 by
    Italian car manufacturer Fiat has no intention of closing Opel Antwerp, should it succeed in its bid to take over the European activities of Opel’s parent company, General Motors (GM). Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne last week spoke by telephone with Flemish minister-president Kris Peeters to deny reports in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper that Antwerp might be under threat of closure in 2011. Full story
  • The online community brought neighbours closer together

    Caught up in the web

    12 May 2009 by
    It’s impossible to blow your nose these days without the news showing up on some online social networking site or other. Facebook, the most popular among adults, had one million members in Belgium last October and topped the two million mark last March, or 20% of the population.Full story
  • A perfect plan

    12 May 2009 by
    Last week, this column talked about the near escape of Jean-Marie Dedecker, the former judo coach who started his own party after he was kicked out of Open VLD. When federal member of parliament Dirk Vijnck turned his back on Dedecker’s LDD, the party risked losing a good number of staff and financing worth €250,000. It was quite a blow. Full story
  • Previous murder attempt by crèche killer

    12 May 2009 by
    Kim De Gelder, the young man who attacked a crèche full of children in Dendermonde last January, killing a nurse and a baby, may have tried to kill a few days before and failed only because of the vigilance of a family dog. Full story
  • Driver who killed two children to sue bereaved parents

    12 May 2009 by
    A 77-year-old man who ran through a give-way sign and caused a road accident in which two children were killed plans to sue the parents of the victims because they were not belted in properly.Full story
  • Peter Verhelst

    Verhelst and Cneut win Golden Owl prize

    12 May 2009 by
    This year’s Gouden Uil, or Golden Owl, prize for the best Children’s Literature has been awarded to writer Peter Verhelst and illustrator Carll Cneut for Het geheim van de keel van de nachtegaal (The Secret of the Nightengale’s throat), their new version of Hans Christian Andersen’s 1844 fairy tale The Nightingale. The prestigious Golden Owl is awarded every year to the best new Dutch-language book and children’s book.Full story
  • News in Brief

    12 May 2009 by
    Belgian money might be made abroad from next year, if finance minister Didier Reynders decides to follow a recommendation from the board of the National Mint to send production overseas to a low-wage country. According to the opinion given by the board a year ago, the government has failed to invest in the mint, and both machinery and management are no longer up to date enough for the job. Staff last week held a silent protest during a visit by the king and queen calling for an end to the uncertainty. Full story
  • New mosques get government seal of approval

    12 May 2009 by
    Eight new mosques received official recognition last week from Marino Keulen, Flanders’ minister for home affairs. That brings the total number recognised by the authorities to 15. Four applicants in this round were rejected, and in four more cases the decision was postponed. Full story
  • Tom Boonen (Reuters)

    “A very foolish guy”

    12 May 2009 by
    Flemish pro cyclist Tom Boonen faces the possibility of missing another Tour de France after it was revealed at the weekend that he tested positive for cocaine at the end of last month. Police carried out a search of the cyclist’s home in Turnhout last Friday, with his cooperation. Magistrates at the Turnhout prosecutor’s office refused to say what if anything had been found. Full story