• Milow

    “Baby this a new age”

    12 May 2009 by
    “Milow” is a household name in Belgium. It’s the stage name of Leuven singer-songwriter Jonathan Vandenbroeck, and it’s also the title of his new compilation album – his first to be released outside the Benelux.Full story
  • Restaurant

    5 May 2009 by
    Although today's Flemish cuisine is overwhelmingly French, another foreign influence has come to ingrain itself in the culture as well: Turkish. A delicious example is Ghent eatery Aspendos, nestled into a line of other Turkish restaurants on the edge of the Patershol district, which has managed to distinguish itself and receive good reviews reserved for finer restaurants.Full story
  • Geroge Washington's face was the first to be carved on Mount Rushmore in 1930s S

    Letter from America

    5 May 2009 by
    Although probably unaware of the fact, the first president of the United States, George Washington, was born with Flemish DNA. His earliest Flemish ancestor was Baldwin “Iron Arm”, the first count of Flanders, who was not only father of the Flemings but father of the father of the American people.Full story
  • Sport in the City

    5 May 2009 by
    You don’t see kids playing much in the streets any more, except once a year in the very heart of Brussels and, when they do, it’s thousands of them at a time. It’s called Stadskriebels, and it’s almost that time again. Full story
  • Culture News

    5 May 2009 by
    Brasschaat resident Luc Doms was greeted by movie stars and champagne when he bought his ticket for the Flemish film SM Rechter in Antwerp last week. Doms was the 100,000th person to buy a ticket for the film, and both lead actors, as well as the director, Erik Lamens, were on hand to thank him personally. The popularity of the film, which has been playing in Belgian cinemas since 11 March, is good news for the Flemish director. Not only is it his first feature, he took a chance on the controversial true story of a Mechelen judge who was removed from the bench for practicing sado-masochism with his wife. The movie will release in the Netherlands next month.Full story
  • Anna Vandewalle and her sisters in the Paris Child Colony

    The littlest Belgians

    5 May 2009 by
    In 1915, the very first train carrying “The Children of Yser” left West Flanders for Paris. Its passengers ranged in ages from 14 all the way down to five. They arrived in what was known as the first kinderkolonie, or children’s colony. Many of them did not see their parents or their homeland again for several years.Full story
  • Director and lead actress

    Sister Act

    5 May 2009 by
    In 1961, a nun in a Wallonia cloister wrote a hit pop song, became world famous and made millions for the Catholic Church. It sounds too good to be a true story, but it is, and Stijn Coninx has made a film about it.Full story
  • The Week in Business

    5 May 2009 by
    Brewing · AB InBevFull story
  • A people’s story

    5 May 2009 by
    “The story of 100 years of Ahlers is pretty much a people’s story,” says Christian Leysen, executive chairman of Ahlers, the Antwerp-based international logistic and maritime service company that is celebrating a century this year. “But it’s also a story of technology, politics and economics,” he adds. “And a lesson in entrepreneurship based on the need for a long-term vision.”Full story
  • Ronald Beerlings

    Wife asked to be shot, according to Antwerp jury

    5 May 2009 by
    A man who shot his estranged wife and her new lover four times was found not guilty of attempted murder last week by a court in Antwerp. Ronald Beerlings, was found guilty of the attempted manslaughter of Nancy Claes, after the jury found he had not acted with premeditation. Full story