• Wearing history

    25 Aug 2009 by Alan Hope
    I was on a mission; find a vintage wedding dress. With no set ideas in mind save it being a full length gown of any era, material or colour, I set off on day trips to two cities with a list of shops in hand: Brussels, international capital extraordinaire, and Antwerp: Fashion capital chic.Full story
  • One of Flanders’ most popular plays of the year, The Broken Circle Breakdown

    State of the art

    25 Aug 2009 by Alan Hope
    Don't call it a "best of".  Het Theaterfestival director Don Verboven must hear it often because he warns me of what it's not before he tells me what it is.Full story
  • Fashionista

    25 Aug 2009 by Alan Hope
    Knokke. It's the place where Belgium's rich and semi-famous go to pretend they're in Saint-Tropez. It's the only municipality in our country where not one but several extravagant luxury fairs are organised, be it in beautiful tents on the beach or in the casino (which is more old than grand). Full story
  • Sapountzis projects his confrontations with Mechelen's monuments on cloth banner

    Imagining history

    25 Aug 2009 by Lisa Bradshaw
    "It's impossible to know where you're heading if you don't know where you came from," says Katerina Gregos. This was the starting point from which she formulated the theme for this year's Contour festival in Mechelen: Hidden in Remembrance is the Silent Memory of Our Future.Full story
  • Sun shines on tourism at coast

    25 Aug 2009 by Alan Hope
    As the end of the school holidays approaches, the tourist industry at the Flemish coast was looking back on a spectacular season. Figures for August are not yet available, but Westtoer, the tourism industry's umbrella organisation forecast it would be better than July, and July was a great month, better than 2008. Full story
  • Credit flows to businesses, but problems remain

    25 Aug 2009 by Alan Hope
    The four main banks in Belgium - ING, KBC, BNP Paribas Fortis and Dexia - have begun to lend more money to business clients, the National Bank reports. In the second three months of the year the banks loaned €1.7 billion, following a cut in lending in the first quarter of €492 million. The total sum of outstanding debt of all businesses in the country stood at end-June at €110 billion. Full story
  • Flanders importing French-speaking workers

    25 Aug 2009 by Alan Hope
    They're the new migrant workers: French-speaking residents of Brussels and Wallonia, some 2,500 of them, who in the last year have found a job in Flanders via the official employment agency VDAB. Full story
  • Car production at one of Opel’s German plants

    Decision on Opel postponed

    25 Aug 2009 by Alan Hope
    Last week's deadline for a decision on the future of Opel production in Antwerp and in Europe came and went, and still no decision was taken by General Motors. German chancellor Angela Merkel was reported to be losing patience with the American parent company, and as Flanders Today went to press she was calling for a decision this week.  Full story
  • Matthias Schoenaerts and Lotte Pinoy star in the big autumn drama Los Zand

    Channel surfing

    25 Aug 2009 by Alan Hope
    In the world of television, there are two seasons: autumn and spring. In summer, as you may have noticed, there's not a bleedin' thing on. And nobody seems to even acknowledge the existence of winter: too much of a downer, perhaps. Full story
  • Baroque painting found in Lier

    25 Aug 2009 by Alan Hope
    A previously unknown Madonna and Child by the Spanish Baroque artist Bartolomé Esteban Murillo has been discovered in the stores of the City Museum of Lier in Antwerp province. The painting dates from around 1650.  Full story