• News in brief

    8 Sep 2009 by Alan Hope
    Limburg’s hunters are not sufficiently thinning out the wild boar population, according to the mayor of Beringen, who last week appealed to the army to do something about the growing numbers of the animals in a small area of land bounded by his town and Leopoldsburg, Houthalen, the E314 and the Albert canal. There are now 120 wild boar in the area, which pose a disease risk for livestock and other wildlife, he said.Full story
  • Philip Fontaine

    Director of Flanders House sacked

    8 Sep 2009 by Alan Hope
    The director of the Flanders House in New York has been sacked for apparent financial irregularities linked to bills from a company he owns. Following a personal investigation by LDD leader Jean- Marie Dedecker, the director, Philip Fontaine, was accused of billing Flanders House for events organised by Italian Days, a travel company he owned with his partner. Dedecker claimed more than €30,000 had changed hands this way.Full story
  • Kim Clijsters

    Clijsters hits form in New York

    8 Sep 2009 by Alan Hope
    Flemish tennis phenomenon Kim Clijsters rolled back the years at Flushing Meadows on Sunday when she defeated number three seeded Venus Williams to reach the quarter finals of the US Open.Full story
  • Stones unturned

    8 Sep 2009 by Alan Hope
    Just last month in the United States, the impossible happened: a child who had gone missing 18 years ago turned up alive. The case gave parents of missing children new hope, and missing children’s centre Child Focus plans to bring out new photos of some of the children on its books showing how they might have aged since last they were seen.Full story
  • bite

    2 Sep 2009 by Alan Hope
    Café des Spores is probably my favourite restaurant in Brussels, and not just because it happens to be the place where my husband proposed. Long before that, it was my default choice for any special occasion, celebration or nice meal with out-of-towners.Full story
  • John Vermeulen

    Face of Flanders

    2 Sep 2009 by Alan Hope
    It’s a fact of life in book circles that genre writers – those who deal with science fiction, crime, romance and so on – are generally looked down on by those of a more literary persuasion. For those lofty types, John Vermeulen, who died last week at age 68, must have been a nightmare.Full story
  • terug naar school

    2 Sep 2009 by Alan Hope
    While I was reading under my oak tree last weekend, an acorn on my page reminded me that the summer was almost over, or rather that the school holidays were fast coming to an end. For Flemish schools de zomervakantie is an immovable feast: the full months of July and August.Full story
  • Survival of the smartest

    2 Sep 2009 by Alan Hope
    At first glance, an art gallery in Antwerp, a corner shop in Elsene and a new restaurant in Evere do not have much in common. But, when it comes to their attitudes towards surviving the recession, similarities emerge that shed light on what is making and breaking small businesses during the economic crisis.Full story
  • Monumental

    2 Sep 2009 by Alan Hope
    Have you ever wondered what lies behind the tall gates of that castle, just outside of town? Or what happened in that old abbey, years and years ago?Full story
  • Barbecue brigade

    2 Sep 2009 by Alan Hope
    Barbecue. One simple word conjures up so many positive associations – warm weather, the company of friends and, of course, great food. Gathered around the fire, searing and smoking our dinner on it ... perhaps we’re satisfying some primordial instinct.Full story