• Splendour in the plants

    18 Aug 2009 by a a
    If you, like me, are having a hard time giving up on the idea that you are still on holiday, try easing yourself back into the daily grind slowly by becoming a tourist in your own country for the rest of August. There are plenty of castles to get lost in and towers to climb in Flanders, but perhaps my best day this month was spent at Meise Botanical Garden.Full story
  • Stage fright: Marilou Mermans


    18 Aug 2009 by a a
    It must have sounded like the perfect pitch. Three septuagenarians (Claire, Magda, Lutgard) revive the successful girl group they had almost half a century earlier. The motor behind the project is Sid (Jan Van Looveren), Claire's prodigal son who for years has been trying to get a break as an rhythm & blues musician. And indeed, Meisjes (called The Over the Hill Band in English) could have been a heart-warming tragicomedy. Full story
  • Among other things, the Brigittines Festival is infamous for its on-stage nudity

    The embodiment of the odd

    18 Aug 2009 by a a
    Les Brigittines' International Festival has always been weird, but this year they are truly owning it. The festival's theme, announced proudly on the cover of the programme and website, is inescapable: "Gezichten van het Vreemde", or "Strange Faces". Consider yourself warned.Full story
  • Wander through settings of contemporary Flemish fairy tales

    Hey Red, where you goin’?

    18 Aug 2009 by a a
    Once upon a time an unsuspecting Antwerpenaar went to Hasselt to indulge in some shopping and sightseeing. Little did she know that when she got off the train she would encounter a magical and inconspicuous place called the Literair Museum Hasselt. Shocked and amazed by this unexpected delight, she entered into the realms of this enchanting house where fairy tales temporarily come to life.Full story
  • New channels line up for the autumn season

    18 Aug 2009 by a a
    Three new TV channels are due to hit screens across Flanders this autumn, the region's main cable provider Telenet announced last week.Full story
  • Pop-up ad agency will last three weeks

    18 Aug 2009 by a a
    A new advertising agency was formed in last week - and will disappear again in three weeks' time. It's called Sekkaki, a nod towards the convicted robber who escaped by helicopter from Bruges p5agency Proximity BBDO. Full story
  • Netlog passes 50 million

    18 Aug 2009 by a a
    Belgian social networking site Netlog, the brainchild of two Ghent entrepreneurs, last week signed up its 50 millionth member. The membership is spread over 50 countries, with 2.5 million members in Belgium - just ahead of Facebook with 2.4 million. Full story
  • CEO Karel Cardeon says customers are looking for cheaper alternatives

    Cardoen sales up by 60% in face of crisis

    18 Aug 2009 by a a
    Cardoen, one of Belgium's biggest car retailers with outlets in Dendermonde, Hasselt, Wilrijk, Vilvoorde and Lichtervelde, as well as across Wallonia, announced a 60% increase in sales in the first half of the year, with more than 8,500 cars sold compared to just over 5,300 in the same period a year earlier. Sales went up €27 million to more than €99 million. Full story
  • Philippe Bogaert

    Hostage in Qatar

    18 Aug 2009 by a a
    In less than 140 characters, the dramatic situation of a Flemish man trapped in what he has called "a mediaeval system" was conveyed. Think what you will of the message-board site Twitter: for Philippe Bogaert, it is a lifeline. Full story
  • Vitaya turns 10

    18 Aug 2009 by a a
    Last week Vitaya, one of the youngest TV stations on the Flemish media scene, celebrated its 10th birthday: in 1999 the station, owned by Media ad Infinutum, received its broadcast licence. One year later it came on the air, to mixed reactions. Full story