• The Public Prosecutor

    16 Dec 2009 by a a
    “They call me an author, but actually I’m a journalist first.” So wrote Jef Geeraerts in his 1992 book On Adventure with Jef Geeraerts, a blend of fiction and fact published as a novel. There lies the blurry distinction: Geeraerts (pictured) worked as a journalist and writes fiction about what he knows.Full story
  • Industry and power are the main sources of greenhouse gases

    Carbon dioxide emissions fail Kyoto norms

    9 Dec 2009 by a a
    Flanders produced more carbon dioxide last year than the Kyoto protocol allows, despite claims from the environment minister Joke Schauvliege that the norms had been met, the independent Flemish Environment Agency (VMM) has revealed. As world leaders meet in Copenhagen for the climate change summit this week, the detailed breakdown by the VMM shows there is more work to be done in Flanders than previously thought.Full story
  • Unemployment growing faster in Flanders

    9 Dec 2009 by a a
    Unemployment in Flanders rose by 20.7% in the year to end October – more than double the increase seen in Wallonia and Brussels, according to figures released by the state employment agency RVA. There were 163,169 people out of work and receiving benefits in October, exactly 28,000 more than the same time a year before.Full story
  • Bring in the new

    9 Dec 2009 by a a
    There are two contenders left in the elections for the new Open VLD president, to succeed the eternal Guy Verhofstadt: Marino Keulen and Alexander De Croo.Full story
  • Black boxes planned for restaurants and cafés

    9 Dec 2009 by a a
    New restaurants will from next year be obliged to install a “black box” in their cash registers, in accordance with a new law that aims to combat VAT fraud in the industry. The black box will be legally required in all eating establishments, including snack bars and cafes, by January 2013.Full story
  • kerstboom

    9 Dec 2009 by Alan Hope
    Behind our garden shed is a 10-year-old spar – spruce, which pushes out its branches every spring. Each January we plant our kerstboom – Christmas tree, but, with the one exception, they have all died.  Full story
  • Flanders Today 2009 Gift Guide

    9 Dec 2009 by a a
    Simple pleasuresFull story
  • Down to earth

    9 Dec 2009 by a a
    Flemish astronaut Frank De Winne last week landed in Kazakhstan after a six-month stay on board the International Space Station (ISS) as the first European ever to command a mission. De Winne was immediately taken to the Russian base Star City, near Moscow, where he was due to be examined by Professor Floris Wuyts of Antwerp University, an expert on the effects of weightlessness.Full story
  • bite

    9 Dec 2009 by a a
    Food pairing, the matching of unusual flavours in revolutionary combinations, is chic these days. Bruges-based Bernard Lahousse has made a career of it. A bioengineer with a penchant for gastronomy, he works as a consultant with world-renowned chefs and major food companies at the cutting edge of food science. After some time in the business, it became apparent that a website could facilitate this work.Full story
  • K is for Koen

    9 Dec 2009 by a a
    Early last year, Koen De Bouw was one of the last three candidates being considered to play the killer in Angels & Demons. “It’s useless to ponder about it,” he smiles. “The last three or the last 300, the result is the same.”Full story