• Cafe Spotlight

    Cafe spotlight

    26 May 2009 by Alan Hope
    It's bold, it's beautiful, and it's sadly often overlooked by the non-theatre-going crowd (shame on you). De Foyer is situated on the first floor of the Bourla theatre in the heart of Antwerp and is a majestic café that still exudes all the style and elegance of the theatre's heyday. Full story
  • Scheherazade

    Meeting Monsieur Magritte

    26 May 2009 by Alan Hope
    The Magritte Museum, which opened this week in Brussels, has a difficult balancing act to perform. It wants to get away from the clichés of one of the world's best know Surrealists - the apples in place of faces, the men in bowler hats - and explore the full range of the Belgian artist's heritage. Yet it also aspires to be a tourist attraction that will put Brussels on the map, in which case it needs to give the postcard-buying public what it wants. Full story
  • The Ferraris Atlas

    Hey, there’s my house!

    26 May 2009 by Alan Hope
    The Royal Library of Belgium at the foot of Kunstberg near Brussels' Central Station is well worth a visit these days. In the small bookshop is an enormous lectern holding one of the largest books you will have ever seen. Full story
  • Moustache

    Right under your nose

    26 May 2009 by Alan Hope
    "Everybody meets everybody on this square," says Willy Dupon, as he lifts his De Koninck beer, or "bolleke" as the people of Antwerp say, to his lips. We're sitting on the city's Grote Markt, with its assembly of bruine kroegen, or "brown cafes" - those simple, folky drinking establishments that don't cater to tourists or try to be fancy. This is where real life happens, insists Dupon.Full story
  • Gallo-Roman Museum

    “Et tu”

    26 May 2009 by Alan Hope
    It's certainly impressive. Spacious, airy, atmospheric, with an excellent mix of the traditional and the new, and all in a superb location smack dab in the centre of the historical city of Tongeren. The result is that the new Gallo-Roman Museum is easily as good as the best archaeological museums in Europe. Full story
  • Sleeping Beauty (c) Maarten Vanden Abeele

    Sleeping beauty

    26 May 2009 by Flanders Today
    A new opera about death and brothels, composed by the very un-crazy Kris DefoortFull story
  • Opel Antwerp future in the balance in Bonn

    26 May 2009 by Alan Hope
    The future of Opel in Europe, including Opel Antwerp, was being decided in Germany this week. As Flanders Today went to press, the government of Angela Merkel was discussing its participation in shoring the company up if it is to become independent of its US-based parent. Full story
  • De Hoorn (c) Arno Haps

    Leuven is new Flemish games centre

    26 May 2009 by Alan Hope
    Leuven has won a three-horse race to become the new centre of the Flemish computer-gaming industry, after an announcement last week by innovation minister Patricia Ceysens that the Flemish government will invest €250,000 in a new business centre in the university town. Full story
  • Diamond trade (c) Reporters

    Diamond industry pleads for bail-out

    26 May 2009 by Alan Hope
    The Antwerp diamond industry needs a rapid infusion of €1 billion to help it survive the severe effects of the economic crisis, according to the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC), the industry's representative body. Last week the industry called on the Flemish government to grant it a €200 million guarantee as an aid to convincing the banks to lend the sector the money it needs.Full story
  • Bill Posters (c) Belga

    Who to choose?

    26 May 2009 by Alan Hope
    Voters are just as often won over by personalities as they are by party programmes. As a result, nearly every well-known politician in the land is taking part in the upcoming regional and European elections, with the exception of prime minister Herman Van Rompuy. So who to choose?Full story