• Lange Wapper plan goes to referendum

    31 Mar 2009 by
    The Flemish government is to go ahead and make an application for planning permission to construct the much-discussed Lange Wapper viaduct in Antwerp. But a final decision on whether the plan will ever see the light of day will not be taken before October. Full story
  • PingPing

    Belgacom moves into payments by SMS

    31 Mar 2009 by
    Belgacom, the former state-owned telecommunications company, is to cooperate with Delhaize, Accor and Coca Cola to launch a new service allowing micro-payments by mobile phone. Belgacom last week announced it was taking a 40% stake in Tunz, a specialist in mobile payments. It has also launched its own brand, PingPing, which will allow subscribers on any mobile phone network to keep an account for mobile phone payments. Full story
  • Traditional or not?

    31 Mar 2009 by
    There seems to be no stopping Lijst Dedecker, the party of former judo coach Jean-Marie Dedecker that will take part in the regional elections for the first time in June. In a recent opinion poll, it comes out as the second largest party in Flanders, with more than 16% of the vote. Full story
  • News in Brief

    31 Mar 2009 by
    A man who was sacked from his job as a bus driver for De Lijn for drunk driving is back behind the wheel of a bus – driving for De Lijn. The man admitted drinking three litres of wine the evening before he was tested and found to be over the blood alcohol limit. He now works for a private bus company which carries out contracts for the public transport authority. A spokesman for De Lijn said he deserved a second chance. Full story
  • Artists bring ancient Roman curse on NATO

    31 Mar 2009 by
    Flemish artists, poets and musicians are involved in a bizarre conspiracy to protest at the existence of NATO while echoing the words of a Roman senator on the vanished city of Carthage. Last week’s Passa Porta literary festival in Brussels was the occasion for at least one performer to speak the single sentence: “Overigens, ben ik van mening dat de NAVO afgeschaft moet worden” (Furthermore, I am of the opinion that NATO must be abolished). Full story
  • Maria Magdalena

    Material world

    31 Mar 2009 by
    The period between the 11th and 13th centuries was a golden age for Flanders. Thanks to the diligence of its weavers and the entrepreneurship of its merchants, Flemish cloth was renowned for its exceptionally high quality and was in great demand throughout Europe and beyond. The industry attracted wealthy Italian and Spanish merchants and bankers to the Flemish cities and financed the development of Ghent and Ypres, while turning Bruges into the busiest port in northern Europe. Yet in the 14th century the industry stagnated and by the early 15th century had declined to a fraction of its former glory.Full story
  • restaurant


    24 Mar 2009 by
    Centrally located in Ghent's historic Patershol district, De 3 Biggetjes (The 3 Little Pigs) serves haute cuisine at appealing prices. As proof, Chinese-born chef Ly Chi Cuong, former student of the famed Ter Groene Poorte school in Bruges, has earned the coveted Bib Gourmand from the Michelin Guide every year since 2003: a recommendation worth checking out.Full story
  • A History of Hair

    A whole story on the top of your head

    24 Mar 2009 by
    For those of you in dismay at the amount of crap you have to carry around – cell phones, Mp3 players, blackberries, laptops – you can rest assured it was no different 200 years ago than it is in the modern world. Full story
  • Radio Station

    Shut up and sing

    24 Mar 2009 by
    For something completely different on your radio, web stream or iPhone: music, and only music, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.Full story
  • Fashion Museum

    Paper dolls

    24 Mar 2009 by
    While the word “paper” might not conjure the most fashionable of associations in your mind, MoMu (the Antwerp fashion museum) makes clear that the material we use to write on has had an elaborate style history. And even – if you check in with the Belgians – a very recent one.Full story