• Samson Opera

    Jewish outrage at Samson opera

    15 Apr 2009 by
    The Jewish community in Belgium last week lashed out at Flanders Opera – over a production that will not take place until the end of the month. Full story
  • André Poelman

    Generation gaps

    14 Apr 2009 by
    Digging around the garden on my hands and knees, I hear Kenzo, my Bernese Mountain Dog let out a yelp of greeting. Aunt Lieve and “nonkel” André live next door to us. Aunt Lieve always manages to have a kind word for my poor, undernourished dog whilst feeding her garage full of stray cats. She stood at the gate, telling me she was off to the “elderly people” who live down the street to bring them some Easter eggs and fresh baked bread.Full story
  • The Education Centre for Tattoo Art

    The eye of the needle

    14 Apr 2009 by
    Maybe I’ve watched too many Dennis Hopper films or listened to too many Lynyrd Skynyrd albums, but when I imagine a “tattoo school”, it’s dark and threatening, with Harleys parked outside and a junkyard dog, and the lady who runs it chews tobacco and has 85 piercings, and that’s just the ones you can see. Full story
  • Natural Science Museums

    It’s evolutionary, my dear Belgians

    14 Apr 2009 by
    In our house we always refer to it as the Dinosaur Museum, but there’s so much more to the Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences in Brussels. While the giant iguanodons are without a doubt the single most impressive exhibit, the museum contains everything from narwhal bones to living tarantulas. Full story
  • Art Brussels

    Show stopper

    14 Apr 2009 by
    Despite the recession, over 32,000 people are expected to descend on Heizel this year for Art Brussels, the capital’s annual contemporary art fair that showcases both the established and the up-and-coming. Full story
  • MSC

    The World's Largest Container Ship

    14 Apr 2009 by
    The MSC Beatrice, the world’s largest container ship, floated into Antwerp harbour last week. Built by Daewoo Shipping in Korea earlier this year, the Beatrice is 366 metres long and can carry 14,000 containers. The arrival of the Beatrice was an occasion for cheering crowds lining the approaches to the port, as Antwerp wants to attract this sort of super-carrier to compete with Rotterdam.Full story
  • Bosses took home 16% less last year

    14 Apr 2009 by
    As the remuneration packages of some top executives, such as the former board of Fortis, continue to raise concern and anger in equal measure, the average boss of a Bel-20 quoted company last year took home 16% less than in 2007, according to a survey by the Flemish financial daily De Tijd.  Full story
  • Construction industry saved by VAT cut

    14 Apr 2009 by
    A cut in the VAT paid on the construction of new residential buildings from 21% to 6% has resulted in a revival for the construction sector, according to the Vlaamse Confederatie Bouw, or Flemish Construction Confederation. The organisation has been confronted over the last few months with “a torrent” of requests from people looking to build new homes. Full story
  • BNP Paribas

    French stake in BNP Paribas “pure scandal”, says economist

    14 Apr 2009 by
    The acquisition of a major 17% stake in Paris-based bank BNP Paribas by the French state is a “pure scandal”, according to leading Flemish economist Paul De Grauwe. Full story
  • A presidential campaign

    14 Apr 2009 by
    The campaign for the regional elections has yet to start in full, but already some of the story lines are becoming apparent. Full story