• Werchter fans (c) Belga

    Rock Werchter coming to you live

    26 May 2009 by Alan Hope
    Public broadcaster Canvas will air a live selection from the final day of this year's Rock Werchter festival under an agreement with promoters Live Nation. The two are currently holding discussions to determine which of the concerts taking place that day - Sunday, 5 July - will be aired live. The festival itself is sold out of day tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sunday's bill features Metallica, Kaiser Chiefs, Black Eyed Peas and Nine Inch Nails, as well as local acts Milk Inc., Lady Linn and De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig. Full story
  • Coffea charrieriana

    Meise coffee plant honoured

    26 May 2009 by Alan Hope
      A new species of coffee plant found in Cameroon by a French expedition and described by Dr Piet Stoffelen of the National Botanic Gardens of Belgium in Meise has been voted one of the 10 most important new species of 2009 by the International Institute for Species Exploration (IISE) in Arizona. The beans produced by Coffea charrieriana are naturally caffeine free.  Full story
  • They’re at it again

    26 May 2009 by Alan Hope
    Well, they've done it again. Kraainem, Linkebeek and Wezembeek-Oppem - three Flemish communes on the edge of Brussels with a largely French-speaking population - have sent out polling cards in French. Again. Full story
  • News in Brief

    26 May 2009 by Alan Hope
    Public broadcaster één last week announced its 2008-2009 figures, calling it "the best season we have ever had". A loss of €6 million was no reason for long faces: that's €1 million less of a deficit than last year, and €7 million less than was earlier forecast. Merchandising and licensing, as well as income from online services and SMS voting, added up to €67.9 million, more - for the first time - than from advertising at €63.7 million. Full story
  • Bats seek belfries

    26 May 2009 by Alan Hope
    The Flemish Nature and Woodland Agency has put out a call to churches, looking for attics that can be made bat-friendly to tackle an accommodation problem. Bats in Flanders are suffering from a general shortage of habitat, as formerly draughty attics are insulated with more and more efficiency.Full story
  • Probo makes his debut

    Final frontiers 3

    26 May 2009 by Alan Hope
    We first introduced readers of Flanders Today to Probo in January of 2008, when the engineers at the Robotics and Multibody Research Group at Brussels Free University (VUB) were still working on the prototype. We had no idea how far that story would go. After we published, scientific journals and websites contacted us from the US, Asia and Eastern Europe asking to republish the article.Full story
  • Genetically modified poplars

    Final frontiers 2

    26 May 2009 by Alan Hope
    Many a struggling dinner party has been brought to life - or a premature end - with the injection of the word "bio-fuels". Full story
  • The ISS passes over Antwerp and the Scheldt

    Final frontiers

    26 May 2009 by Alan Hope
    As you read these words, Frank De Winne is making history from a custom-made seat in a spacecraft on top of a Soyuz rocket in Kazakhstan. In fact, he'll make history a few times over. But perhaps the biggest distinction is that De Winne will be the first-ever European to command the International Space Station (ISS). Full story
  • Sint-Gillis prison, Brussels (c) Reporters

    Belgian prisoners to move to Dutch jail

    26 May 2009 by Alan Hope
    Belgium will send 500 of its prison inmates to Tilburg in the Netherlands, under an agreement reached between the two governments last week. Full story
  • Sociologist Luc Huyse

    Face of Flanders

    26 May 2009 by Alan Hope
    On 27 May, as Flanders Today is published, the annual Ark Prize of the Free Word will be awarded in Antwerp to Luc Huyse, a sociologist and emeritus professor at the Catholic University of Leuven. The prize, which comes with no big cash handout, will be handed over by last year’s winner, archaeologist and columnist David Van Reybrouck. Full story