• Bart De Pauw

    Culture News

    25 Feb 2009 by
    This year’s Flemish blockbuster Loft by director Eric Van Looy has broken the record of ticket sales in Belgium set in 1990 by Stijn Coninx’s Koko Flanel. Last week Loft bypassed the long-standing total of 1,082,000 tickets sold. Koko moves into second place, and Coninx also holds on to third and fourth place with Hector and Daens. Van Looy resurfaces in fifth place with 2003’s De Zaak Alzheimer. Full story
  • Louise Maselis for Calvin Klein

    Runway to success

    25 Feb 2009 by
    A 15-year-old schoolgirl from Herent near Leuven last week made her debut on the catwalks of New York, modelling the autumn womenswear collection of Calvin Klein. Louise Maselis won last year’s Elite Look Model competition in the beach resort of Sanya in China ahead of 80 girls from 70 countries. She was then given a contract with the world’s top model agency in November, and her management moved from Amsterdam to Paris. Elite also represents household names like Cindy Crawford and Monica Bellucci.Full story
  • Brendan and the Secret of Kells

    The secret of Vanfleteren

    24 Feb 2009 by Ad Min
    If you think getting your whole family together to go to a new animated movie is a lot of effort and expense, you should try making one.Full story
  • Royal Blood by Erwin Olaf


    24 Feb 2009 by Ad Min
    At first glance, it’s easy to write off photographer Erwin Olaf as a commercial prima donna, airbrushing oiled models and strategically cropping “June” for the next gay men’s calendar. A low-rent photographer at high-rent prices.Full story
  • Deutsche Post AG

    The Week in Business

    24 Feb 2009 by Ad Min
    Air freight • Brussels AirportBrussels Airport processed 33,100 tonnes of air freight in January, half the amount dealt with in the same month in 2008. The airport blamed the economic crisis for the fall, which also came about after courier service DHL left last spring. The number of passengers using the airport fell by 15% to just over one million. Full story
  • Opel plant

    Ministers fly to Motor City

    24 Feb 2009 by Ad Min
    Flanders region this week sent a top-level delegation to Detroit, Michigan, in the United States, for talks with the management of both General Motors and Ford following the announcement of plans for major closures that could affect Opel Antwerp. Full story
  • The wind-turbine ring would stretch from Norway to the Netherlands

    Windmill park could produce more energy than Persian Gulf

    24 Feb 2009 by Ad Min
    Europe needs to begin investing seriously in renewable energy sources like wind power, two Flemish ministers said last week. They were responding to a daring new plan proposed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and his Rotterdam-based Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA). Full story
  • Minister under fire over fish drink

    24 Feb 2009 by Ad Min
    Interior minister Guido De Padt came under fire this week from green politicians and animal rights organisers after he took part in the traditional Carnival celebrations in Geraardsbergen, where he is a member of the municipal council. The annual “Krakelingenworp”, which is said to go back six centuries, involves town notables drinking a draught of red wine containing live fish, which are swallowed whole. Full story
  • Flemish dialects dying out, warns Unesco

    24 Feb 2009 by Ad Min
    The dialects of West Flanders and Limburg could be threatened with extinction, according to the latest Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger of Disappearing. The Atlas lists around 2,500 languages – 230 of which have been extinct since 1950. Languages are organised in categories ranging from “not safe” – still spoken by children but only in restricted circumstances, such as in the home – to “critically endangered”, where the youngest surviving speakers are grandparents.Full story
  • Ferdinand Foch

    News in brief

    24 Feb 2009 by Ad Min
    Leuven mayor Louis Tobback almost caused an international incident last week after he said that he wanted to rename the city’s Marshal Foch square, named after the French military leader whose orders in the First World War sent hundreds of thousands to their deaths in pointless military operations. Full story