Most of Brussels to convert to 30kph speed limit


Starting next year, most streets and avenues in Brussels will turn into 30kph zones

Tackling speeding

On 1 January 2021, the speed limit on most roads in the Brussels Capital-Region will be 30kph. This week, the region released more details of the new plan, including the exceptions.

Brussels Mobility has published a map showing which roads will change from 50 to 30kph, which roads will remain 50, and roads where the speed limit still needs to be decided. All uncoloured roads on the map are already 30kph.

A speed of 50kph will still be allowed on major roads, including the inner ring and its tunnels, Louizalaan, Wetstraat, Belliardstraat and General Jacqueslaan.

50 deaths or serious injuries a year

Most of the avenues connecting Brussels with the suburbs, however, will become 30kph. The reduced speed limit will also apply to all minor roads in the region.

There are several roads where the speed limit has yet to be decided. Brussels Mobility will consult with the affected municipalities, police and transport operator MIVB before deciding whether to apply a 30 or 50kph limit.

Among the roads yet to be confirmed are Rogierlaan in Schaerbeek, Tomberg in Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe and Ambiorix Square in the EU district.

According to Brussels Mobility, about 60% of roads in the Brussels region are already in a 30kph zone. The agency says that 50 people in Brussels are killed or seriously injured each year due to speeding.

Photo ©Virginie Lefour/BELGA

This article originally appeared on The Bulletin