Muntpunt’s new Medialab encourages digital creativity


Brussels Dutch-language library invites the creative and curious to make use of its digital laboratory

Free workshops

Muntpunt, the largest Dutch-language library in Brussels, has opened a digital laboratory that will allow its members to learn, test and share new skills. It is now inviting people with ideas, stories or projects to get involved.

“The Medialab is a logical extension of what libraries have always offered: access to knowledge,” says Roel Leemans, Muntpunt’s general manager. “That is no longer limited to making books available. We are expanding our collection with digital media and our meeting space with a place specifically for digital creativity.”

The Medialab contains five computers – two Macs and three PCs – loaded with software to allow people to work on graphics, sound, video and all kinds of online projects. There are also other useful gadgets, such as an ISKN Slate, an iPad and a photo scanner.

The Medialab is open to anyone with a Brussels library card. Computers can be booked in advance, but otherwise access is first come, first served.

Beginners welcome

No prior knowledge of the software is required, and Muntpunt is happy for people to come along and teach themselves with tutorials and other guides. But it is also hoping that more experienced users will share their knowledge and skills, benefiting in turn from an inspirational atmosphere and new creative partnerships.

There will also be a series of events intended to get people started. Four Google Ateliers will deal with subjects such as online community building and working with influencers. A Podcast Academy on 10 October will hear from Reine Elisabeth Nkiambote, who works in Dutch and English, and Sarah Diedro, who works in English.

And there will be a digital filmmaking bootcamp, with five free workshops taking people from idea to script, from script to film and on into social media marketing. After an informal meeting on 28 September the first workshop takes place on 5 October.

This first phase of the Medialab will run until 17 October, after which Muntpunt will take stock and canvas users on how they want the resources to develop in future.