New app brings Woody creatures to life


Forget Pokémon: The creatures of Ghent pyjama brand Woody are much more realistically brought to life with a new app

New collection, real life

Flemish sleepwear brand Woody is about to bring the fanciful creatures that don its pyjamas to life. Augmented reality will let users see the animals in their own homes using a smartphone app.

Woody, based in Ghent, is the maker of wildly popular pyjamas, undergarments and T-shirts for babies, kids and adults. Their colourful stripes, glow-in-the-dark designs and creative creatures are fun and distinctive (and the onesies – for all ages – are in a class of their own).

But it’s about to get even more fun: The creatures of the new collection – alpacas, dodos and something called a spookdier, which is mouse-like – come to life Pokémon style with an app. Just scan the animal you’re wearing, and augmented reality does the rest.

Pokémon figures are static, but ours run through the house right along with you, dancing a salsa

- Kenny Deriemaeker of In the Pocket

“A tablet or smartphone is all your child needs to bring the figures on Woody’s newest pyjamas to life,” says Woody CEO Steven Van de Velde. Recommending the app for kids aged about four to 10, he says that a scan with the camera is all that’s needed “to make the alpaca or dodo on your pyjama appear right in front of your nose, on the bed or maybe on top of the wardrobe.”

Woody teamed up with Ghent digital tech developer In the Pocket to create the app. “The technique is similar to Pokémon GO, but much more lifelike,” explains Kenny Deriemaeker of In the Pocket. “Pokémon figures are static, but ours really come to life. Run through the house, and our metre-high alpaca comes right along with you, dancing a salsa. You can also interact. You can feed the dodo, for instance, its favourite treat – donuts.”

All the animals associated with every new Woody collection will become part of the app. Woody is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and plans to expand the export of its products. There are two dedicated Woody stores in Flanders: in Hasselt and Knokke.

Photo courtesy In the Pocket