NMBS unions to strike on 19 December


Two of three rail unions will strike next Thursday, leaving trains on a minimum service schedule

24-hour strike

Members of two of the three rail unions plan to strike on Thursday, 19 December. The NMBS is putting a minimum service schedule into place, as required by law.

The strike will begin at 22.00 on 18 December and run for 24 hours. Normal service should resume at about 22.00 on 19 December. Passengers are told to expect delays and cancellations of some trains; an adapted schedule will be published early on 18 December.

Workers are protesting against the labour contract proposal for the 2020-22 period. They want an increase in pay of 1.1%, such as was approved for the private sector, as well as the retention of the 36-hour work week that they have now.

Photo courtesy NMBS