Non-profit bar and meeting space to open in Flagey


An NGO that specialises in temporarily transforming vacant buildings in Brussels has found a prime location for its next project

Funded by Elsene

The Brussels municipality of Elsene has provided funds to turn empty office space on Flageyplein into a non-profit bar and community centre. The NGO Communa will transform the vacant spot on Flageyplein into a meeting place with the help of elderly residents of the building.

Communa organises temporary uses for chronically vacant space in the capital. It will now start up a non-profit bar and organise workshops for elderly locals in the former offices of the BinHôme housing association on Zwanenstraat, just off Flageyplein.

The bar will be situated on the ground floor. The first floor will likely be used as office space by both Communa and other non-profits. The remaining floors of the building are social housing units occupied by mostly older residents.

Communa project co-ordinator Sâm Rosenzweig told Bruzz that they want to involve those residents in their decision-making process for the temporary use of the building’s first two floors.

“We might, for instance, host workshops focused on administration or IT,” Rosenzweig said. “Last week, we met with elderly residents to get their input. Homework help for children, garden workshops and sharing meals together were among the ideas mentioned.” Elsene city council has allocated €60,000 for the project.

Communa staff will begin works in the coming months to ensure that the building meets safety norms before the bar opens in October. The project is expected to run until December 2020.

Photo courtesy Google