Number of international students at all-time high in Hasselt


With a solid number of degree programmes in English, UHasselt is becoming a more popular choice among foreign students

‘A key population’

International students enrolled at Hasselt University were given a tour of the city yesterday, before being treated to nightlife by fellow students. This year, 778 students from abroad have enrolled at the university, a record and a staggering increase of 62% on five years ago.

“When we look at Hasselt University, we see that 15% of the students are now international,” education city councillor Habib El Ouakili (S.PA) told TVL. “That makes them a key population.”

For its size, the university has an impressive number of degree programmes offered in English, including bachelors in business economics and biomedical science and masters in interior architecture and global health. A concentration of foreign students are enrolled in masters for statistics, transportation science and business management.

Many students told TVL that they appreciate the village feel of Hasselt. “It’s a very quiet city, and I like that there are so many bicycles,” said Eduard Munoz from Romania. Nadzeya Yakubouskaya of Belarus added that she appreciates “the little, beautiful cafes. It’s an adorable city, and that’s why I decided to study here”.

Rik Dehollogne (N-VA), the city councillor responsible for tourism said that the presence of international students enriches the city’s cultural mix. “We hope that they actively take part in social life,” he said, “and in that way help locals to understand the cultures and habits of people in the rest of the world.”

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