Online sales boosted by hot July weather


According to retail industry federation Comeos, July’s hot weather pushed people to shop online rather than in-store

22% sales increase

Online sales increased with 22% compared to last year’s summer sales, a sharp increase that retail industry federation Comeos said is attributable to July’s record-breaking temperatures.

Sales in physical fashion stores were also satisfactory, Comeos said, with a 5% increase in retail sales compared to last year. Belgium’s summer sales started July 1st and ended July 31.

“The summer sales started of strong and what did we see last week during the extreme heat? Most Belgians probably didn’t want to go outside to shop because it was too warm, but they all shopped online instead,” Kathy Bergen from Comeos said in a statement posted to the group’s website.

“Some fashion retailers even showed remarkable peaks of more than 30%. That’s a really strong increase that we haven’t seen before,” Bergen said.

According to Comeos, the list of most sold items in July included dresses, tunics, travel accessories, open shoes and T-shirts, as well items from the retailers’ new collections.

ModeUnie, the clothing branch of the Unizo organisation for the self-employed, released its own summer sales results on Monday. Based on a survey among 200 of its members, it said that this year’s summer sales showed a 2% increase compared to last year.

Many local retailers nonetheless recorded low sales during the hottest days of July – when temperatures rose above 40°Celsius in some locations. According to ModeUnie, some stores recorded a decrease in sales of 40% on those blisteringly hot days.

Photo: Belga / Hatim Kaghat