Opinion poll: N-VA most popular party in Flanders, by far


If the results of an opinion poll released this week prove true, N-VA will trounce the other parties in the regional and federal elections next spring

Theo Francken most popular politician

N-VA is the most popular political party in Flanders, and one of its best-known faces, Theo Francken, is the region’s most popular politician. More than 28% of respondents to a recent opinion poll called N-VA their party of choice, which puts it far ahead of the second most-popular party, CD&V, at 18.7%.

The poll was carried out among more than 1,000 residents of Flanders by research agency Kantar TNS. It was commissioned by a group of media outlets, including VRT, RTBF, De Standaard and La Libre.

The opinion poll is mean to be a barometer of how the elections would look if they were to happen today. European, federal and regional elections are scheduled for 26 May 2019.

Michel number two

Theo Francken of N-VA (pictured) is the region’s most popular politician, with 51% of respondents naming him. Francken was the federal migration secretary until N-VA walked out of the majority coalition earlier this month.

The second-most popular politician in Flanders is prime minister Charles Michel, a French-speaking liberal, with 48%. Michel has fallen to the number two spot from number one in last spring’s poll. Flemish education minister Hilde Crevits is holding firm at her number three spot, with 47% this time around.

Most of the N-VA party leaders advanced in the poll compared to the last poll, carried out early this year. Antwerp mayor Bart De Wever and former federal interior affairs minister Jan Jambon are four and five respectively.

The poll was carried out last month, before the current trouble at the federal level was underway.

Photo: Nicolas Maeterlinck/BELGA