Ostend man to set toilet-sitting world record


Jimmy De Frenne is out to sit on a toilet for a whole week in order to create a new Guinness World Record

When nature calls

A man in Ostend is trying to set a world record by sitting. On the toilet.

Jimmy De Frenne has been sitting on a toilet in the middle of Filip’s Place café (no worries, he’s fully clothed) for two full days now. He’s planning a minimum 150-hour run, which means he can get up sometime next Saturday.

While there is no official Guinness World Record for longest time sitting on a toilet, De Frenne set the bar high. Not only does he want to soar past the person he discovered who had done it for 100 hours (just for a lark), he doesn’t want to lose the record anytime soon.

“Everything is going really well,” he told VRT. “The doctor has been by to check me over, including taking my blood pressure. I’m in perfect shape.”

Twin seats

Not only the doctor, but a world record official comes by to log in De Frenne’s time. He does get a five-minute break every hour to stretch his legs and to – you see this coming – go to the toilet. He can save up his minutes to take longer breaks, to a maximum of one hour.

Filip’s Place has even installed a second toilet next to De Frenne so people can sit with him and offer moral support. It will cost you €5, though – which goes to the local De Takel youth help centre. The café is open 24-hours-a-day until the record is set.

De Frenne is no stranger to world record attempts: Two years ago, he set out to play pool for the longest time ever, but had to give it up on the advice of his doctor.

Photo courtesy VRT