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This week’s record temperatures brought both animals and people out of doors

First day outside

Baby gorilla Thandie made her first appearance out-of-doors this week during record temperatures that coaxed Antwerp Zoo’s animals into the sunshine. Thandie was born last November to mother Mayani and father Matadi.

While the baby as first stuck close to her mother, she eventually put her feet in the grass and began to explore the totally new world. At three months, Thandie is still usually hanging on to Mayani and continues to nurse. Thandie is currently growing her first tooth, however, and is expected to start showing interest in eating some solids with the rest of the group this spring.

The zoo's gorillas belong to the Western lowlands subspecies of the Western gorilla. While all species and subspecies of gorillas are endangered in the wild, the Western gorilla is considered critically endangered. It is native to Congo, Cameroon and several other countries in western Africa.

This week saw absolute record-breaking temperatures for February three days in a row, with 18.5°C reached at the weather station in Ukkel on Wednesday. The previous record for the day was 17.3°, reached in 1959.