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It was a big week for the port of Antwerp with one of the biggest cargo deliveries ever to arrive in one piece and the biggest container ship in the world pulling in

Living large

One of the largest cargo deliveries ever to arrive in one piece at the port of Antwerp made for quite a sight earlier this week. The propylene splitter arrived in the Kallo harbour on the east bank of the port.

It was ordered by chemical company Borealis, also located on the east bank, as part of an expansion project. The giant column will be used to separate propylene from liquid mixtures. Propylene is a gas used by the petrochemical industry for a wide variety of products.

The column weighs 1,600 tons, is 10 metres wide and is 105 metres long – beating Antwerp’s tallest building, the KBC tower, by a few metres. The column will only be in its upright position in a few months; first it has to be fitted out with insulation, pipes, platforms and ladders.

In related news, the port welcomed the largest container ship in the world on Thursday evening. The new HMM Algeciras from South Korea can carry 23,964 cargo containers. It is 400 metres long, 61 metres wide and has 23 crew members.

The ship was arriving from the port of Shenzhen in China and will depart for London tomorrow morning.

Photo ©Malumax Photo & Events/Borealis