Photo of the week: Here be dragons


Lucky passers-by in Brussels’ Grote Markt this week saw a spectacle they won’t soon forget

Waking the beast

In a spectacular move that entertained passers-by in Brussels’ Grote Markt on Wednesday, the Saint-Michael the Archangel weathervane, normally inside Brussels’ City Hall, was moved last week from the City Hall to the Brussels City Museum across the square.

The sculpture of Saint Michael fighting the dragon is the 15th-century original, which sat atop City Hall until the 1990s, when it was removed for restoration. One of the world’s oldest weathervanes, it was deemed too delicate to put back and replaced by a copy.

The original has been stored out of sight in the City Hall’s tower ever since. Now it will be on permanent display in the museum, starting with the exhibition The Grand Place to Be, which kicks-off on 4 October.

While Saint Michael was moved in pieces, the dragon was moved in its entirety, creating a spectacle not likely to take place again.

Photo: Thierry Roge/BELGA