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Belgium’s best-known comic strip characters take to the street during Balloon’s Day Parade

Stealing the show

Lucky Luke slips into the frame during last weekend’s Balloon’s Day Parade, part of Brussels’ Comic Strip Festival. Thousands of people took to the streets to cheer the massive balloons – and the hundreds of volunteers tasked with keeping them anchored to the ground.

The Balloon’s Day Parade is a popular free event for Brussels residents, with balloons of Belgium’s most beloved strip characters represented along with a smattering of well-known international stars, like Garfield.

Lucky Luke – “the man who shoots faster than his shadow – was created in 1946 by Flemish illustrator Morris, who drew the comic until his death in 2001. It is one of Belgium’s most successful strips, appearing in 23 languages around the world and inspiring many related products such as movies and TV series, video games and toys.

Photo: Hatim Kaghat/BELGA