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Ministers and mayors made a commitment to Brussels on Flemish Community Day

‘A turning point’

They stopped short of getting down on one knee, but both Brussels-City mayor Philippe Close and Flemish minister Sven Gatz “married” Brussels this week during a ceremony that invited the capital’s Flemish residents to commit to the capital.

The mock wedding was part of Brussel Danst, and capital’s annual festival in celebration of Flemish Community Day. The annual day on 11 July saw concerts and other activities all over Flanders and Brussels, including a Dance Battle on Muntplein, a party and live music on Grote Markt in Antwerp and minister-president Geert Bourgeois’ annual speech in Kortrijk.

In Brussels, the annul Flemish Community Day reception was held in city hall, with several speeches. Close made history by being the first Brussels mayor to ever agree to speak at the event.

“I honestly cannot remember a time when a Brussels mayor was present here on 11 July,” said Brussels city councillor Els Ampe, who opened the event. “I hope this is a turning point for the Dutch-speakers and the Flemish in our capital.”

Photo: Nils Quintelier/BELGA

Flemish Community Day

Commemorating the anniversary of the Battle of the Golden Spurs, 11 July is the official holiday of the Flemish Community.
History - The holiday celebrates the victory of local Flemish militias – mostly made up of infantry and peasants – over the French king’s army of knights near Kortrijk on 11 July, 1302. The holiday is a celebration of Flemish freedom and the continued speaking of Dutch. Public servants working for the government of Flanders get the day off, as do personnel working for provincial and local authorities.
Kick-off - Every year, the 11-day series of activities Vlaanderen Feest! (Flanders Fest!) kicks off the countdown to Flemish Community Day.
Kortrijk 1302 - A museum dedicated to the history behind the Battle of the Golden Spurs.
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700th anniversary of the Battle of the Golden Spurs

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Vlaanderen Feest! events organised in 2013


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