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A muddy Aardbeiencross saw another win for Dutch cyclist Mathieu Van Der Poel, but not an easy one, thanks to Belgian cyclocross champ Toon Aerts

The strawberry race

The Aardbeiencross, or Strawberries Cross, came down to two riders last weekend: Belgian Toon Aerts (left) and defending champ Mathieu Van Der Poel. Unhappily for local fans lined up around the track in Hoogstraten, Antwerp province, Van Der Poel edged ahead for the win, with Aerts taking silver.

And unhappily for the cyclists, a downpour meant the track was covered in mud, and visibility was poor. As it often does, that meant a number of crashes.

The Aardbeiencross is the seventh of eight Superprestige cyclocross races that take place throughout the cyclocross season in Flanders and the Netherlands. Van Der Poel  has won the last five Aardbeiencross races and the last two Superprestige competitions. He is also the UCI Cyclocross World Champion.

Van Der Poel leads this Superprestige season with 105 points, compared to 94 points for Aerts, who is Belgium’s national cyclocross champ. This means that either man could ultimately win the Superprestige. The final race is this weekend in Middelkerke.

Photo: David Stockman/BELGA