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A new mural honouring health-care workers has been unveiled across the street from a hospital in Elsene

‘From the heart’

Health care workers from the Iris Zuid hospital in the Elsene municipality of Brussels were the first to see a new mural honouring their work throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. The mural is on the side of a former OCMW building across the street from the hospital.

The idea for the project came from Brussels street artist Amandine Lesay and the Cosmotion collective. Following permission from the local council, they set to work, putting in more than 100 hours on the mural.

The 10-metre-high mural depicts hospital workers and scientists at work, with a central figure ripping open his vest like a super hero. The work was unveiled this week by Elsene mayor Christos Doulkeridis (Ecolo) in the presence of and the OCMW council and hospital director Catherine Goldberg.

Doulkeridis said that the painting had not only the support of the artists but of residents of the neighbourhood. “This mural was made directly from the heart,” he said. “It’s a way for them to show their appreciation toward the workers not just once but every time they see the mural.”

The hospital on Jean Paquotstraat in Elsene has lost three members of staff to Covid-19.

Photo ©Ophelie Delarouzee/BELGA