Photo of the week: New term, new faces


MPs voted in to the Flemish Parliament at the end of May took part in an orientation day this week, ahead of the first session on Tuesday

First day

This week the Flemish Parliament organised a welcome day for its 67 newest members following the elections at the end of May. Women outnumber men among the new members, by 34 to 33. Five members have already sat in the parliament, while 13 have been part of the Chamber or the Brussels Parliament. The two biggest parties, N-VA and Vlaams Belang, account for the most newcomers, with the latter increasing its number of seats from six to 23.

During the welcome day, the new MPs received information about the political and practical workings of the parliament. They had an explanation from secretary-general Martine Goossens, a tour of the buildings and a trip to the visitor centre.

The first session of the new parliament will be held on Tuesday, 18 June, when the 124 members will take the oath.

Photo: Belga/ Laurie Dieffembacq