Photo of the week: Sky high


A skydiving group broke the Belgian national record for number of people creating formations several kilometres above ground

Ladies first

The skydiving team Ladies@theDZ broke their own national record last weekend when 27 of them created two formations as they plummeted to the ground in Moorsele, West Flanders. The previous record was 23 at one time.

The team jumped from two separate airplanes and came together in two different formations before triggering their parachutes. The had to create one formation after the other while falling 200kph.

The formations must be made within one minute of jumping from the planes, which are five kilometres high. A jury of professionals must judge the formations to ensure they were correctly done.

Strong winds

In fact, it was their second record of the week: the first saw 29 women jumping simultaneously to create one formation, another national record. The weather, however, made the second record attempt rather precarious.

“We had to do a lot of sitting and waiting,” said team captain Ils Van den Weygaert. “We only knew a few minutes ahead of time that we were able to go up.”

There were two women meant to go up who were not experienced enough to deal with the prevailing winds, according to Gazet van Antwerpen, who were at the scene. Still, 27 of them were ready.

“The attitude and teamwork was incredibly positive,” Van den Weygaert told the newspaper. “Now that we have amassed such a fantastic group of women, we will certainly do more in the future.”

Photo: Rebecca Van Remoortere/Gazet van Antwerpen