A Children’s House in every town, says wellness minister


A new round of subsidies will make it possible for every municipality in Flanders and Brussels to sponsor a Children’s House

Advice for parents, and their kids

It is Jo Vandeurzen’s goal to have a Huis van het Kind, or Children’s House, in every municipality in Flanders and Brussels by the end of 2019. The health and wellness minister has put out a call for subsidy applications.

Huis van het Kind made its debut in 2012. Managed by the Flemish agency Kind & Gezin (Child and Family), it serves as a contact point for parents to ask questions related to raising children. From physical or mental health issues to how to handle news of a divorce, the house can help parents directly or hook them up with an organisation that can.

Youngsters can also make contact with a house to talk about concerns like bullying or study grants. “We have positioned Huis van het Kind to be the first point of contact in local municipalities,” said Vandeurzen, “and have focused Flemish family policies as much as possible on the organisation.”

There are 327 municipalities in Flanders and Brussels, and 210 of them have a Huis van het Kind. Sixty more are currently involved in setting one up.

Vandeurzen’s goal is to have one in every municipality, so he has announced a round of subsidies for local councils or organisations to be able to plan their own.