Federal ministers in UK to discuss transmigration


Belgium’s interior minister and migration secretary are meeting with British prime minister Theresa May today to continue talks on transmigration as Brexit looms

Crossing Belgium

Federal interior and security minister Jam Jambon (N-VA) and migration secretary Theo Francken are in London today meeting with the UK’s British Home Secretary and prime minister.

According to Flanders News, the Flemish party colleagues are meeting with secretary Amber Rudd and prime minister Theresa May to discuss transmigrants – refugees and other migrants crossing through one country to get to another. Belgium is home to many transmigrants hoping to get to the UK.

“We have a good co-operation with Great Britain, and we want to keep it that way following Brexit,” a Jambon spokesperson told De Morgen. “The countries exchange information, including intelligence on transmigrants and human traffickers. It’s our hope that Brexit talks won’t have a negative effect on that, so we’re discussing that today.”

The UK and France have worked together previously to stem the flow of migrants getting to British soil, with the former providing €10 million to France between 2015 and 2017 to implement measures.

Photo: Jan Jambon (left) and Theo Francken
©Nicolas Maeterlinck/BELGA