Ghent’s Daniël Termont nominated for world’s best mayor


The mayor of Ghent, Daniël Termont, is among the 25 nominees for the World Mayor Prize 2014

“An exceptional honour”

Ghent’s popular socialist mayor, Daniël Termont, has been shortlisted for the World Mayor Prize 2014. Termont is the first Belgian mayor to be shortlisted for the biennial prize, which was first awarded by the London-based City Mayors Foundation in 2004.

Termont is one of 25 mayors shortlisted for the prize, which has been won in the past by civic leaders from Bilbao, Melbourne and Athens. “This is an exceptional honour,” Termont told De Standaard.

The award is based on an analysis of the mayor’s personal qualities such as leadership, honesty, vision, integrity, environmental awareness, community relations and economic policy.

“Since assuming office in 2007, Daniël Termont has become one of the most listened-to mayors in Europe,” the foundation said on its website. “Ghent has managed to preserve and conserve its heritage but also develop into a vibrant, diverse and modern European city.”

The award encourages citizens to engage with local government by submitting testimonials to the panel of judges. “Daniël Termont is very much present in the city, walking or cycling, and is easy to approach for a chat,” read one such comment. “He actually listens, and his communication skills are fantastic.”

The winner of the award will be announced on 3 February.

Photo: Mayor Termont greeting football club AA Gent supporters

Photo courtesy Het Nieuwsblad

The mayor of Ghent, Daniel Termont, is among the 25 nominees for the World Mayor Prize 2014.

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