Government launches plan to reduce food waste by 15%


The Flemish government and a number of partners have launched their plan to tackle the problem of food waste, with campaigns focused on industry, retail and consumers

Raising awareness

Together with a number of umbrella organisations, the government of Flanders has launched an action plan to reduce food waste in Flanders by 15% by 2020. According to a statement, an average Flemish family throws away 36 to 55 kilograms of food a year.

Worldwide, one-third of all food produced is lost to the bin, which is a problem, according to the government, across the entire food chain – from the primary production to the consumer.

One year ago, the Flemish government signed a declaration of commitment to battle the problem, together with several organisations, including the Farmers’ Union, the food industry federation Fevia and the retail industry federation Comeos.

The partners have now developed nine programmes and 57 campaigns, which include encouraging innovation in packaging and integrating food waste topics in staff and management training. Consumer awareness campaigns are planned such as encouraging people and industry to donate to food banks.


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