Homeowners need to double up on energy efficiency


Flanders’ energy minister launched a new campaign yesterday to encourage homeowners to combine energy-saving measures

Minister Van den Bossche launches “warm nest” campaign

Flemish energy minister Freya Van den Bossche has launched a new campaign to get residents to insulate their homes and cut their energy bills. Some seven out of 10 houses in Flanders can still make energy savings, according to the minister.

Van den Bossche quoted a study by the Flemish Energy Agency that showed that about 50% of Flemings had already taken advantage of subsidies, compared to just 20% back in 2008. “Many more people realise the need to save energy and have taken steps to do so,” she said.

She noted that applications for wall insulation rose by 50% last year compared to 2012, while the number applying for a solar boiler was more than three times higher in 2013 compared to one year earlier. Meanwhile, applications for subsidies to insulate roofs were down from 72,000 in 2012 to 53,000 last year, but this was because the roof insulation subsidy was the first to be introduced, so many homeowners had already taken advantage of it. About 80% of homeowners have now insulated their roofs.

Despite the progress that has been made, Van den Bossche says there is still room for improvement. “We have noticed that people often adopt one energy-saving measure but not the others,” she said. “But the biggest savings are made when they are combined.”

The new campaign, dubbed “Go for a 100% warm nest”, is trying to persuade home owners to install roof insulation, wall insulation, double glazing plus an efficient boiler. “By adopting energy-efficient measures, we don’t just benefit the environment and our wallet, but also the Flemish building industry,” said Van den Bossche.

Flanders’ energy minister launches new campaign to encourage homeowners to combine energy-saving measures.

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