N-VA and CD&V likely to form Flemish government


Negotiations between Flanders’ political parties last Friday suggest that Flanders’ next coalition government will be made up of N-VA and CD&V

Open VLD left out

The Flemish nationalist party N-VA and Christian-democrats CD&V reached an agreement last Friday that makes it very likely that the two parties will form the next coalition government in Flanders.

The decision came at the end of a long day of complex negotiations involving all the major parties. The agreement will give the new coalition government a comfortable majority in the Flemish Parliament – 70 out of 124 seats. Liberal party Open VLD – the third-largest party region-wide has expressed disappointment at being excluded from the coalition government.

N-VA party president Bart De Wever now has to try to broker a deal at the federal level to create a Belgian government. By excluding Open VLD from the government of Flanders, he may have lost their support at the federal level. “If we can’t be part of the Flemish government, we won’t join a federal government,” said Open VLD party leader Gwendolyn Rutten (pictured). “It’s all or nothing.”

De Wever is required to report to King Filip today on whether he has come up with a viable plan for a coalition government at the federal level. De Wever has so far refused to comment to the press on his negotiations.