No federal government yet, negotiations continue this weekend


Kris Peeters (CD&V) tried to resign yesterday from the federal government negotiations, but was persuaded to stay by all other parties around the table, who will continue to meet through the weekend

Kris Peeters tries to resign

CD&V’s Kris Peeters tried to resign from his role as co-formateur in the formation of the new federal government yesterday. Peeters has been working for several months alongside French-speaking colleague Charles Michel in an attempt to put together a stable centre-right coalition government.

He is reported to have decided to resign after a split emerged between his own party and the Flemish liberals Open VLD. As a formateur, he is required to solve such conflicts through negotiation. Because he wanted to use his power as a CD&V leader to fight for his party, he preferred to no longer act neutrally as a formateur.

Peeters (pictured right) was eventually persuaded to stay on at the negotiation table by Michel (MR). Michel (pictured left) was backed up by Gwendolyn Rutten of Open VLD and Bart De Wever of N-VA. Peeters and Michel are now expected to hold talks until late on Sunday night in an attempt to conclude the formation by next week.

Analysts had expected a government coalition to be announced this week, but it appears that the final details of the budget and fiscal plans are proving tougher than expected. “The final pieces of the puzzle are always the most difficult,” De Wever commented.


photo: Corbis