Residents who fight in Syria could lose asylum status


The state secretary for asylum and migration is hoping to prevent potential terrorists from returning to Belgium from Syria, via a bill to be tabled this week

No right to return

Theo Francken, the state secretary for asylum and migration, will table a bill in parliament this week aimed at preventing potential terrorists returning to Belgium from Syria.

Francken (N-VA) wants to remove the right to return from those who had earlier been granted asylum status. The decision to ban those granted asylum would be made by the Commission for Refugees and Stateless People. It would be the first measure that removes the right to stay in Belgium from those who’ve been granted asylum.

Francken (pictured) also said that he wants to get tough on asylum-seekers who cause disruption in reception centres. He says their application could be rejected if they cause serious trouble while waiting to be processed.

“We are going to make it possible to remove asylum status from people who disrupt public order or become a threat to national security,” he said at N-VA’s New Year gathering this weekend. “These people would then be here illegally and should not be allowed back into the Schengen zone.”

Photo: blg/Het Nieuwsblad