Website to help educators and youth workers respond to inappropriate behaviour


The government of Flanders has launched a new website to help adults who work with youth to recognise and respond to sexual intimidation and harassment launched

Flanders’ ministers of health, education, youth and sport has co-operated to launch the new website, which provides information on sexual intimidation and harassment. The site is meant to help youth and the adults who work with them to recognise and deal with such behaviour.

The announcement of the site follows an investigation underway in Ghent into video images taken in a sport and sauna facility attached to the city’s University College. Footage from the cameras of nude students was found on a Dutch website. The website has since been taken down.

A 41-year-old man is in custody for recording the images through the hole in a door that was missing its handle. According to police, he is a youth coach at a local sports club who had access to HoGent’s facilities.

Back in 2016, the four ministers collaborated on youth bullying and violence campaigns and launched a collective steering group on all aspects of violations of integrity among children and young people. The advice from the group was unanimous: Awareness of how to deal with bullying and sexual transgressive behaviour was too fragmented.

This has now led to “The mission of is to gather information about the physical, psychological and sexual integrity of minors,” said the ministers in a mutual statement. “The target group is volunteers and professionals in childcare, youth centres, education and the sport and wellness sectors. collects information to support them in responding appropriately to unacceptable behaviour.”