Welfare budget stalls Flemish government talks


A meeting between the main negotiators was called off yesterday to allow further consideration of the welfare budget

Talks to resume today

Negotiations on the formation of a new Flemish government stalled yesterday due to disagreements over the welfare budget.

Negotiators Kris Peeters of the Christian-democrat CD&V and Geert Bourgeois of Flemish nationalists N-VA had been poised to meet yesterday morning to continue talks, but the meeting was called off to allow the parties to consider their position on the funding of the welfare budget and in particular how to pay for care for people with disabilities.

The stoppage came as a surprise following positive reports from both sides that suggested that negotiations were moving ahead steadily. “I am astonished, I don’t see any reason why the talks should have come to a standstill,” Bourgeois said.

The negotiators are expected to resume talks today. “I still hope that we can rapidly reach a good agreement,” Bourgeois added.


Photo courtesy CD&V