Port of Antwerp fully operational following oil leak


The port of Antwerp expects clean-up of an oil leak detected late on Wednesday night to be completed today

‘Minimal pollution’

Terminals at the port of Antwerp that had to close yesterday due to an oil leak are back open or partially open this morning, as clean-up efforts continue. A delay in container traffic starting on Wednesday night when the leak was detected.

The port expects clean-up to be completed today and is investigating the source of the leak. It happened in the area of the Europa terminal, but more information than that has not been confirmed.

“The leak was detected on Wednesday night,” a port spokesperson told Gazet van Antwerpen. “By Thursday morning, oil had spread to the entrance channel of the Zandvliet and Berendrecht locks. The pollution to the water, quays and ships is minimal.”

The port of Antwerp is the second-largest port in Europe and home to the largest lock in the world. It has remained operational during the corona crisis to ensure continued transport of food and other goods.

Photo: Johanna Geron/BELGA