PXL launches workshops to help students choose degree programme


A thorough three-day workshop is helping Limburg college students make the right choices from a catalogue stuffed with hundreds of degree programmes

English programmes

PXL University College, with three campuses in Limburg, have launched a three-day workshop to help students choose a course of study. While popular among first-year students, returning students who are considering changing their course of study are also finding the programme useful.

The workshops are led by coaches, who help the students wade through the massive catalogue of study disciplines. Getting a grip on what is required in each degree programme also helps the students focus on where their skills and interests lie.

The idea is to help students make the right choice for them the first time and avoid having to start over with a new programme next year. “If you don’t choose correctly, you lose study points, a whole year – and money,” returning student Nicolas Van Duffel told VRT. “So it’s really important to make the right choice the first time.”

I want to choose a degree that offers classes that I will enjoy attending. I don’t want to feel like skipping class

- PXL student

Even when students know what they want to study – engineering, for example, or business – there are many options within every discipline. It can be very challenging to choose the degree on their own.

“During the summer months we get a lot of questions from students about what degree programme they should choose: ‘I don’t know what to study, and September is coming!’,” Jens Degroef, one of the coaches, told VRT. “It’s also difficult for us to see everyone individually.”

The coaches work with small groups of students who are interested in the same areas of study. “I’m here right now because I want to feel confident about my choice at the beginning of this year,” said second-year student Celine Leenaers. “I want to choose a degree that offers classes that I will enjoy attending. I don’t want to feel like skipping class.”

PXL also offers several degree programmes in English or in a mix of Dutch and English, including Business Management, Education and Communications.

Photo courtesy PXL