Scooter users in Brussels to help assess dangerous intersections


Electric scooter-share Lime and Vias road safety institute are working together to map lack of infrastructure and dangerous traffic spots in the capital

Black spots

Starting next month, three dozen Lime scooter users will help identify the capital’s most dangerous traffic junctions. Electric scooter-share Lime and the Vias road safety institute are equipping 30 of the company’s scooters with a button that users will be invited to press when they come across dangerous intersections, inadequate cycling infrastructure or if they are involved in an accident.

Lime has been in contact with the most active users of the electric scooter-sharing scheme to discuss their participation in the trial project. Vias is hoping to build a better picture of the capital’s most dangerous junctions as well as get a grip on the needs of scooter users.

Karin Genoe, CEO of Vias, told VRT that the road safety institute hopes to identify three types of “black spots”, or places with a high occurrence of road accidents. “A first type is infrastructure. Is there for instance a pothole in the road?” she explained. “A second kind is safety. Do they think that other road users are driving too fast?” The third type of black spot is the occurrence of an accident or near-accident.

The findings from the project will be passed on to the Brussels-Capital Region.

Photo: Eric Lalmand/BELGA