Status Quo cover band looking for new frontman


The only official Status Quo cover band, Belgian Quo Band, is looking for a new lead singer. Could you be him?

Embody Francis Rossi

Did you know that Flanders has a cover band dedicated to the music of legendary British boogie rock group Status Quo? Did you further know that this band – Belgian Quo – is the only officially recognised Status Quo cover band?

Well, it’s all true. The band covers classic hits like “Down Down”, “Roll Over Lay Down”, “Caroline” and “Rockin’ All Over the World”, with a sound that is eerily similar to the real thing.

And if you have ever fancied yourself a bit of a Francis Rossi yourself, we have good news for you. Belgian Quo is looking for a new lead singer, as it’s Rossi sound-alike has recently left the band.

You’ll have big shoes to fill: Francis Wildemeersch not only had the same first name as the singer and guitarist he represented for many years, his voice also matched perfectly, and he even looked like the iconic frontman.

30 gigs a year

Wildemeersch “has decided to stop to concentrate on other things,” explains Wesley “Leon” Jacques, the band’s drummer. “It’s a shame because he was seriously good: He had the looks, the voice, the moves … he was simply the idea man for a Status Quo tribute band, and we are so grateful that we got to work with him.”

The band members live in East and West Flanders, but anyone who can sing, play guitar and memorise the Status Quo library can audition for the part of Rossi. The band plays about 30 gigs a year in Belgium and abroad.

The right candidate must love the stage and strive for perfection

- Wesley “Leon” Jacques

“First and foremost, the candidate must be a fan of the music of Status Quo,” notes Jacques. “He must also know the music, or be willing to learn it through and through, and be able to play solos. He must love the stage and strive for perfection. We are definitely looking for someone to play with us over the long run.”

In the absence of a lead singer, Belgian Quo has no performances scheduled for this year, so any new Rossi would start in 2019. Anyone who is qualified and wants to audition, can send an email to