Swim in Brussels lakes as part of Pool is Cool pilot project


Registrations are now open to get your 30 minutes of open-air swimming in Brussels this summer

Expedition swim

Registrations have opened for this summer's open-air swimming experiment in three Brussels ponds and lakes. The project, named Expedition Swim, is led by Pool is Cool, which has been campaigning for outdoor swimming options in Brussels for the last five years.

The pilot project was launched with the support of Brussels environment minister Céline Fremault and the municipalities of Brussels-City, Anderlecht and Watermaal-Bosvoorde. The three locations are the Neerpede pond (pictured) in Anderlecht (19-20 July), the lake in Ter Kamerenbos (27-28 July) and the Pêcheries pond in Bosvoorde (3-4 August).

The water quality has been confirmed as safe for swimmers. Only 50 bathers will be allowed in the water at any one time; everyone gets 30 minutes to swim. The 25 x 25-metres swimming area will be roped off. Changing booths, showers and free tap water are available at all three sites.

Swimmers will be asked to provide feedback, and the environmental impact on the bodies of water will also be assessed after Expedition Swim. Anyone interested should sign up for one of the dates on the website.