Universities urge students to release their inner teacher


Approval of educational master’s programmes is final element in reform of teacher training in Flanders

Set your inner teacher free

A campaign to encourage young people to sign up for new education master’s degrees has been launched by all five Flemish universities. This follows this week’s approval of 37 new post-graduate programmes to begin in the next academic year.

These new programmes are for graduates who want to teach specific subjects in the final years of secondary school. They are the most innovative element of reforms that have given universities in Flanders new responsibilities in teacher training.

The degree consists of courses in which a specific subject, such as economics, chemistry or languages, is closely combined with teaching methods. In this way, students get expertise in their chosen discipline plus practical teaching skills. Meanwhile the research element of each master’s programme allows students to work on innovative new teaching methods.

Students will be able to join educational master’s programmes after their undergraduate degree, building on optional education modules available in most bachelor programmes. Alternatively, those who already have an academic master’s degree can opt for a fast track that gives them a second master’s degree as a teacher.

New programmes

The Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) approved 37 educational master’s at universities, with specialisations in subjects such as economics, science and technology, business, culture and design. A further eight programmes were approved at university colleges in subjects such as music and performance, and the visual and audio-visual arts.

Under the banner “Set free your inner teacher,” the campaign will describe the advantages of the educational master’s programmes. “We want to focus on young people who are not only passionate about a profession, such as economics, chemistry or sports, but who also want to share that knowledge with others,” said Koen Verlaeckt, secretary-general of the Flemish Interuniversity Council (Vlir).

The campaign will also explain that the skills learned through an educational master will also be of value in the wider labour market, for example leading to careers in education and training in business and in the social or cultural sectors.

Photo courtesy Secundair Onderwijs Groenhove