‘Voice of Studio Brussel’ dies at 48


Radio staff and listeners across Belgium are mourning the loss of famous radio host Christophe Lambrecht, who died unexpectedly at the weekend

‘A wonderful, warm person’

The well-known radio host Christophe Lambrecht died unexpectedly at the weekend due to a heart problem. He was 48 years old.

Lambrecht (pictured) could be heard every morning on Music@Work at rock and pop radio station Studio Brussel. He delivered the news and played music, the latest in his 20 years hosting programmes, festivals and events at Studio Brussel.

Lambrecht worked for VTM and TV production house Woestijnvis before arriving at Studio Brussel in 1999. He is known for being part of the first trio of DJs in the now-famous glass house that the radio broadcaster sets up during the Christmas holiday to gather donations for the Music for Life charity drive.

“He has left his mark on Studio Brussel in every possible way,” said station chief Jan Van Biesen. “As a radio host, he was unique and unparalleled. And that voice. Today we have lost our voice.”

Listeners leave messages

Lambrecht was not only beloved by hundreds of thousands of listeners, he was well-liked by his colleagues, many of whom referred to him as “Uncle Christophe”. “He was a close and good friend to me and a dream colleague,” said Tomas De Soete, also a long-time host at Studio Brussel. “I just cannot believe it. Nobody saw this coming.”

Lambrecht was “very knowledgeable about music, and he was a fantastic DJ,” De Soete continued. “But he was mostly a wonderful, warm person and a dear friend.”

Studio Brussel is currently playing Lambrecht’s favourite music. “We are playing mostly only music today,” said DJ Eva De Roo on the air this morning, “because it feels like we have lost our voice.”

Anyone with a thought for Lambrecht can leave a message at 078 36 43 64; Studio Brussel will play the messages throughout the day.

Photo courtesy Studio Brussel