What’s on: Festival Kortrijk kicks off region-wide music extravaganza


Get a little Night Air or cosy up to Fireplace, two unique sections of Festival Kortrijk. In Antwerp, catch the Panamarenko Tribute, in Brussels the fabulous Offside film festival

Festival Kortrijk

The Festival of Flanders is a grand affair, with several cities and whole regions hosting their own versions. They are essentially devoted to classic and new music, but they certainly mix it up with gusto.

Take Festival Kortrijk, which kicks off this year’s series of region-wide festivals. Visitors will see, for instance, visual arts, dance and literature join Revue Blanche’s seamless weaving of classical and electronica. Or the performance of a 15th-century Gregorian polyphony lost during the Second World War and rediscovered in 2006. The theme of Kortrijk’s festival this year is “water” – following up on earth, air and fire. Water Talks sees 15-minute presentations on water and the arts, while Night Air is filled with mini festivals of classical, new music and electronic fusions. And Fireplace finds concerts slipping into intimate spaces. 5-8 March, across Kortrijk

Panamarenko Tribute

The inimitable Flemish artist Panamarenko passed away suddenly last year, just a short of his 80th birthday. His wife and close friends had planned a surprise tribute year to the artist, who created flying and diving machines, mixing engineering with artistry and a dash of childlike wonder. It has turned into more of a memorial now, but there’s no better way to honour the famous Flemish artist’s legacy than to check out Around the World in 80 Years: Panamarenko Tribute, the first of two exhibitions this year. A short retrospective of his works, it’s also a good way to get to know the artist if you haven’t already. Until 22 March, Campo & Campo, Grotesteenweg 19, Berchem (Antwerp)


Put away your aversion to bad taste, it’s time for Cinema Nova’s Offscreen film festival! Specialised in grindhouse, sci-fi, horror and cult classics of all sorts, Offscreen serves up both old and new cinema at its most idiosyncratic. Will it be Creature from the Haunted Sea (pictured), Sex and Zen or Dogs Don’t Wear Pants? Sections such as ‘party beach’ and ‘time travel’ help you narrow your viewing focus. But there is also cultural and societal import in all these fun and games. Special guest Jeff Lieberman, for instance, will present several of his films (Squirm, Blue Sunshine, Just Before Dawn), heralded as offering a razor-sharp portrait of 1970s America. 4-22 March, across Brussels-City

Get tickets now: Kim Gordon

Alt rock pioneer Sonic Youth helped usher in a new era of music and moshing, with guitarist and vocalist Kim Gordon taking her place as an original riot grrrl. She formed a couple of duos after the band went bust in 2011 and finally released her first solo album last year, age 66. Sonic youth indeed. 24 May 20.00, Ancienne Belgique, Anspachlaan 110, Brussels

Photos: Revue Blanche courtesy Klara; Panamarenko ©Dirk Waem/BELGA; Kim Gordon (cropped) ©Natalia Mantini/socialsdsps