What’s on: Get your tickets now for Dinner in the Sky


Whether you want to hover 50 metres above Antwerp’s Justice Palace or Brussels’ canal, snag tickets for Dinner in the Sky now

Dinner in the Sky

It’s so popular, Dinner in the Sky has become an annual event in Antwerp. The table for 22 will once again dangle 50 metres above the city, this year at Waagnatie on the waterfront. Guests are strapped into their seats for the stupendous view – and for the stupendous meal, served by local star chefs.

Brussels also has a Dinner in the Sky, with the table hovering above the canal. Book now if you want to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind experience in either city. Antwerp 3-9 June Brussels 13-23 June


Does life imitate art? You’ll hope not once you’ve seen this exhibition, which hones in on the little details in the fantastical prints of Netherlandish artists like Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Bruegel. An ape with a club, a man with cloven feet, a pigeon in a little dress. The longer you look, the more disturbing it gets. Grotesques: The Fantasy Embodied also includes works by contemporary illustrators influenced by these former masters, like Carll Cneut, whose modern approach to the grotesque has won him numerous awards. Until 15 September, Museum Plantin-Moretus, Vrijdagmarkt 22, Antwerp

Antwerp Art Weekend

The port city’s art galleries, spaces and museums invite you to Antwerp Art Weekend, four days of special events and exhibitions. The opening party at the city’s art academy hosts food, performances and teachers acting as DJs. Night of the Visual Arts, meanwhile, is a big interactive art/music bash. 16-19 May, across Antwerp

Garden Days

The annual Garden Days at Beervelde Park are internationally renowned for its seamless combination of expert advice on garden landscaping and decoration and a festival atmosphere. Happily attended even by those for whom gardening is a chore best avoided, Garden Days’ theme this year is Italy, with flowers, food and drink from the country in abundance. Aside from talks on how to grow veggies or design an Italian-inspired garden, there are book signings, a show of vintage vespas and a parade of Venetian carnival characters. The park’s 19th-century English garden and 20th-century villa are themselves worth a visit. 10-12 May, Beervelde Dorp 75, Lochristi (East Flanders)


A new museum has opened at the Botanic Garden Meise, just a tiny hop over the border with Brussels. The HoutLab is all about wood, from its use as a building materials, to its stabilising effect on the climate to its hidden microscopic secrets. A fun and educational  outing for the whole family. Nieuwelaan 38, Meise

Photos: Dinner in the Sky courtesy event, Grotesques/Pieter van der Heyden, after Pieter Bruegel the Elder, “The Fall of the Magician”

This article was update on 15 May due to additional information from Dinner in the Sky