What’s on: Lace is more at sensational castle exhibition


Topping our picks of activities this week is an unexpectedly popular exhibition on lace as fashion – from undergarments to outerwear and back again


Lace is more, as they say at Pikant!, an exhibition devoted to the very Flemish material and its roll in lingerie and other clothing throughout history. The show was meant to close at the end of September but has proven so popular, it’s been extended.

With its effect of simultaneously covering and not covering bodies, lace has a special place in fashion history and continues to inspire designers today. And while there are many outfits on show at Pikant!, it’s a multimedia affair. Some of the paintings are real highlights: “Portrait of a Young Woman” (detail pictured) by an anonymous Antwerp painter shows how artists could show off their skills at rendering fine and intricate patterns as well as detailing 17th-century Baroque fashion. Absorbing all of this in the confines of East Flanders’ 16th-century Water Castle is the icing on the cake. Until 3 November, Water Castle, Opwijksesteenweg, Moorsel (Aalst)

Brussels Design September

So vast is the programme, there’s something to interest pretty much everyone at Design September. Along with exhibitions dedicated to famous designers of furniture, objects both decorative and functional and everything else that makes up the interior spaces of our lives, there are a wealth of markets. A new Contemporary Design Market, for instance, will launch limited editions of all kinds of household items. Wouldn’t it be nice to buy something that all your friends don’t recognise from Ikea? 5-30 September, across Brussels

Impact Festival

We’re all hearing about our impact on the planet, but how to reduce it can be confusing. The Impact Festival is here to help. Amid live music and food trucks, you’ll learn all about sustainability and concrete things you can do to live in harmony with the planet. Kids’ activities, too. 1-2 September 11.00-20.00, Hal 5, Locomotievenstraat, Kessel-Lo (Leuven)

Get tickets now: Margaret Atwood Live from London

You know you are a popular person when an interview carried out with you in the National Theatre in London is broadcast live to 100 cities around the globe. While Margaret Atwood is certainly famous enough to be given the honour, we suspect it’s the subject that will sell the most tickets: The presentation of her new book The Testaments, a sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale (finally!) 10 September 20.30, Cinema Palace, Anspachlaan 85, Brussels

Photos: Pikant! Courtesy Phoebus Foundation, Design September ©Megane Fontaine, Impact courtesy event/Facebook, Margaret Atwood ©Jean Malek