What’s on: Leuven circus festival challenges the laws of physics


Amazing feats of strength, balance and stamina await you in Leuven, while Brussels wears its pride on its rainbow-coloured sleeve


Remember when circus meant travelling tents, clowns and trained monkeys? Well, times have changed. Now we have circus schools, which are partly to thank for the increasing number of troupes with remarkable skills that travel Europe, showing off at festivals like this.

Check out British troupe Ockham’s Razor as they traverse a landscape of metal poles. Or Justine Berthillot and Frédéri Vernier of France, who seem to transcend the laws of physics in an sweet show about giving and taking, carrying and being carried. There are many more acts, and some of them are free. And not a caged animal in sight. 18-20 May, across Leuven

Pride Parade

Today is International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, which happily falls within the Belgian Pride celebrations in Brussels. This Saturday, Belgium Pride culminates in the big annual Pride Parade, which winds through downtown. There’s also Pride Village at Kunstberg and numerous parties that last until the wee hours. It’s the event of the season for the LGBT community and their friends. 18 May, across Brussels

Neighbours’ Day

If you haven’t yet made plans for Neighbours’ Day, there’s still time to organise a picnic and invite every who lives in your building or street. The day was launched a number of years ago to ensure that people actually know who lives next to them – which has been proven to reduce conflict among neighbours and even help prevent break-ins. It’s also just a good way to feel like a part of your community. The Neighbours’ Day website offers free posters and invitations to slip into your neighbours’ postboxes. There are also some group events planned, like barbecues put on by the National Lottery and nibbles and drinks at a few trains stations courtesy of NMBS. 25 May, across Belgium

Photo: Mark Dawson